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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog instalment #2- photos Facebook is likely to remove

Here are some beautiful photographs from Earthy Motherhood members which are guaranteed to invoke censorship- and which are likely to make you smile ♥

Mel Wright breastfeeds her son Phoenix- hello beautiful!

 Karah Jackson breastfeeds her delicious cherub on the beach- Fiona is 14 months old here!
And below, see what happens when a breastfeeding mama and toddler are hit by a wave- of course you don't unlatch! 
 Jessica Hall rests with her son Ethan after his birth at home- what a content little babe.
Krystal Meeker breastfeeds one of her beautiful twin boys
Krystal feeds one son while his twin brother pops off for a grin at his Papa

Christina Matthewson breastfeeds her youngest to sleep in his favourite place to be ♥

And here is Christina tandem feeding her two beautiful boys- I love the younger one looking to his brother.


If you'd like to have your photos included in next week's blog (or any week) feel free to email me at with your photos, videos and descriptions. 


  1. These are beautiful photo's. I have been a little hesitant to take pictures like this, although I really want to.