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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fluoridated water and questioning the lies we are told.........

As a child, I grew up in areas where fluoridated water is the norm. My parents were convinced- and still are- that fluoridated water is the primary reason that we have such strong teeth. It wasn't until I hit my 20's that I started to wonder why fluoride was added to the water. I started to research it, and it was rather confronting to discover the reality behind fluoridated water. Did you know fluoride is used as a rat and cockroach poison? Fluoridated drinking water doesn't actually help your teeth. This seems really strange when you first consider it, because if fluoride isn't helping your teeth when it's in drinking water, why is it there?

One of my first questions was simple: where does fluoride come from? Firstly, there is no chemical compound called fluoride- it's called flourine. It's a gas. When it is used in manufacturing processes, this gas captures certain molecules, and it becomes fluoride in different forms. It's added to our drinking water, it's in most toothpastes, dentists use it as a dental treatment.

All the fluoride used in water fluoridation is inorganic, artificially derived forms of fluoride.
The three forms of fluoride used are:

Okay, so where do these fluoride come from? It comes from fertilizer manufacturers. It's a byproduct created when they manufacture phosphate fertilizers. It's not manufactured specifically for use on our teeth. It's also a toxin, and it is so toxic than companies trying to dispose of it have only a few choices- sell it or pay to dispose of it.

Where else is Fluoride or its derivatives used? Sodium flouride is used in different insect and rodent pesticides (here's a list of a few, it is  one of the components in Sarin Nerve Gas ( O-isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate), it is used in many medications and anaesthetics,  Prozac's medical name is fluoxetine hydrochloride and it contains 3 molecules of Flourine. 

Fluoride might be beneficial to teeth; some dentists are firm believers in fluoride and use it regularly, others are opposed to fluoride because it has never been scientifically proven to help teeth. Sodium Fluoride may assist in forming Fluorapatite, which is a component of tooth enamel- it stregnthens teeth. (Fluoride treatments might strengthen weak teeth, but prevention is better than the cure. Maintain good oral hygiene,  brush your teeth, drink water after a meal to help remove debris from teeth, floss daily.) Dentists tell us to spit out and rinse our mouth at the end of a fluoride treatment. The toothpaste packet also states the same- not to be swallowed. If it is so toxic, why is it in our drinking water?

How does fluoride in our water help our teeth, when it only comes in contact with our teeth for a few seconds at best? The other interesting thing about fluoride is that it actually causes some yellow and white blotches on teeth.  So why is fluoride in whitening toothpaste? Isn't it counter-productive?

Fluoride was first used in Jewish ghettos and in concentration camps in Nazi Germany.
The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission. (Ref. book: "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" by Joseph Borkin.)

Sodium Fluoride has been linked to many diseases and illnesses and shortens life span.

Fluoridated water causes a build up of fluoride in the body- it accumulates in the pineal gland, in bones and in brain tissue. Fluoride facilitates aluminum uptake in bone tissue, weakening bones and resulting in increased bone fracture and osteoporosis.

Fluoride has been banned from drinking water by countries as Finland, Germany,  Sweden, Holland, France and Japan; even Britain has suspended it's use. The Netherlands banned it in 1973. The Czech republic decided against it in 1993. So why is it being introduced into more Australian cities?What choice do we have as consumers?

You have some options, but not because our government is providing them. You can buy water without added fluoride from any supermarket (I buy Noble's Pureau because it comes in  a cask bladder and I'd rather not buy water in plastic because of leeching of chemicals and the environmental cost of plastics). You can buy a reverse osmosis water system which removes fluoride and heavy metals.

The sad fact is that the majority of Australians don't know the truth about fluoride, and that's exactly how the government would like us to remain. When you aren't aware, you don't complain. People forget that when it comes to making money, ethics are often left by the wayside. Putting fluoride in our water disempowers us all- we can no longer make that choice for ourselves or our children. We cook our vegetables in it, wash our fruit in it, eat pasta and rice bloated with fluoridated water, bathe in it. We are exposed to fluoride everywhere in our homes, and we simply don't have a choice, unless we want to install an expensive filter at our mains tap.

I minimise as much fluoride as I can in our home, but I can't stop the flow of it into my home and our lives. Most people simply shrug their shoulders and say "Well, the government adds it to our water, so it must be good."

All that springs to mind right now is a quote by Hitler himself, a proponent of great evil.

"Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and the masses will come to believe it"


  1. We took the plunge and buy our deionized water at Whole Foods. We do have a filter on our shower heads. We use our tap water only to wash clothes and dishes. We can only do what we can at home and try to educate others, eventually the lies will be discovered. Buddha said "Three things can not long remain hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth." The people that would continue to poison us and our world will be called is only a matter of time.

  2. This blog on flouride is the best write up I've seen on this poison. I hope it's akoy but I have posted it on facebook so other people know the truth. Keep blogging the truth!

  3. Awesome blog post.
    I am lucky here in Vancouver Canada that our water has no added flouride, but we won't be here forever.

    Hope you are alright with me sharing too, this is too good not to read.

  4. Hi! I agree with you here. I've been reading and hearing some information regarding fluoride and its effect when swallowed. I have never heard the end of it. My dentists in Charleston, SC had put emphasis on the importance of fluoride. I mean, its benefits to the teeth. But there also some disadvantages. I remember one (Charleston, SC) dentist reminding me to gargle with water after every meal, and so as my kids. I still don't know if there are still area here in the U.S. where water supplies are mixed with fluoride.